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Our professional, qualified employees are standing by to provide solutions to your heavy haul challenges. Our industry know-how and positive track record derives from our unparalleled experience in the industry, having completing hundreds of hauling jobs for the industry's most demanding companies.

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Specialized, Professional Heavy Haul Services for the Oilfield Industry

  • 30+ years experience
  • 24-hour service
  • Large fleet
  • Safety Certifications
  • Qualified Personnel
stene bros oilfield hauling

Stene Bros Provides 24-Hour Heavy Haul Service

Stene Bros Oilfield Hauling provides a 24-hour hauling service to the oil and gas industry with over 30 power units and over 40 trailer combinations. Our diverse fleet ranges from 3/4 ton - 1 ton flat deck hot shot trucks, pilot trucks to tandem and tri-drive winch tractors, to 18 ton pickers, as well as 400' bed trucks.

We also have a large variety of trailers in our fleet, consisting of high boys, scissor necks, single drop trombone trailers, floats and "hay shaker" trailers to 48 wheel combinations, jeeps and boosters, to gooseneck trailers for hotshots.

Our Heavy Haul Fleet Includes:

  • 400' bed trucks and Texas beds
  • Tri-drive winches
  • Tandem winches
  • Hay shakers
  • 30 ton stiff boom pickers
  • Tandem front axle tri-drive 45 ton swing cab stiff boom cranes
  • 18 and 22 ton knuckle picker with winches
  • 1 ton hotshots with flat deck and launchers
  • Pilot trucks
  • 30+ acres of rack site and storage
stene bros oilfield hauling