Seriously Safe

Our safety compliance officer oversees the numerous safety qualifications that our company and employees are required to meet.

Our fully certified shop lets us perform CVIP's, inspections and maintenance.

Stene Bros Safety Certifications

We take safety seriously, and it shows. Over the years Stene Bros has worked to achieve above-average safety standards, aiming to become one of the most qualified and heavily certified oilfield hauling companies in Alberta.

Committed to Achieving Above-Average Safety Standards

  • COR Certified
  • WCB Qualified
  • Complyworks
  • ISNetworld
  • H2S training
  • First Aid Training
  • WHIMIS Training
  • TDG Training
  • Fall Arrest
stene bros oilfield hauling

We Proudly Boast Exceptional Corporate Certifications

To date, our corporate safety certifications include COR, WCB, Complyworks and ISNetworld. Every Stene Bros Oilfield Hauling employee has valid and up-to-date training including H2S, First Aid, WHIMIS, TDG and Fall Arrest (when required).

stene bros oilfield hauling