Serious About Hauling

Safety and innovation are key mandates that have driven Stene Bros growth.

Safety certifications, security, rentals, S3 FTL, storage & rack sites and an expanded fleet are just a few examples of Stene's committment to being the best.

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Safe and Reliable Oilfield Hauling

Stene Bros is an Alberta-based oilfield hauling company with headquarters in Calmar, Alberta. Our primary services include rig moving, heavy hauling and hot shot services in Edmonton, Nisku, Leduc, and throughout Western Canada.

Our fleet is comprised of bed trucks, winch trucks,various picker trucks, tractor trailers, hotshot trucks, pilot trucks, and texas beds. Our in-house mechanics maintain our entire fleet from our 10,000sqft service bay overseen by our quality control and safety departments.

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Specialized, Professional Oilfield Hauling

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We strive to be the most heavily certified Oilfield Hauling company in Alberta

"At Stene Bros, we've been following our passion for oilfield hauling for over a decade. Our reputation means the world to us and we work hard to prove it. Work ethic has helped retain our customers and communication has helped us evolve with them. An expanded fleet, the rentals division, S3 Logistics, rig moving, and our new storage and rack sites were built to meet demands and exceed expectations. There's no limit to how far we'll go for our customers."

- Troy Stene

"We've always been known as a local oilfield hauler. Our reputation for dependability travelled a long ways, and before long we received calls from all corners of the province, then the country, and then the continent. Today, we're proud to be considered one of the most reliable oilfield haulers in North America. While we take on bigger jobs for longer distances - we continue to service our local customers who helped pave the way for us."

- Dorin Stene